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Have you got a large amount of scrap metal in Wiltshire that you would like to get rid of and potentially make a good profit? If you are interested in this, you need to call the team at Reliance Scrap Metal today on 01202 673 539 for the finest services for scrap metal Wiltshire has to offer. We have many years of experience and are able to deliver bespoke solutions that will be convenient and competitively priced.

Superior Services For Wiltshire Scrap Metal

Whether you will need to make regular drops or one large delivery, Reliance Scrap Metal can deliver the service you need for very competitive prices. Our team is well versed in all areas of scrap metal Wiltshire, and we use our knowledge and personalised customer service make sure you are completely satisfied.

Our professional team has many years of experience and training on the subject of scrap metal Wiltshire and can help guide you through the potentially confusing web of what is acceptable scrap metal in Wiltshire and what is not. Some of the household items we accept are:

  • Radiators
  • Washing Machines
  • Boilers
  • Copper Tanks
  • Dishwashers
  • Pipes
  • Taps and much more

While we are able to accept almost any household Wiltshire scrap metal, we are not able to accept fridge freezers due to the hazardous materials used inside them.


When it comes to scrap metal Wiltshire, you will be pleased to know that your scrap is not just worthless junk. The value of scrap metal Wiltshire is increasing because of the increased need for recycled metals around the world due to shortages of raw materials. This means that your Wiltshire scrap metal could be worth a lot more than you think.

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    Scrap Metal WiltshireIn light of this, when you drop off your waste to us, we will segregate the materials into their constituent groups, which includes:

    • Copper
    • Aluminium
    • Lead
    • Brass
    • Steel
    • Iron
    • Titanium And More

    After this, the value of the scrap will be ascertained using the latest market prices which we gain through up to date computer systems that track the market values of each metal. This will reflect the true value of your scrap and allow us to give you the best prices.

    We can pay you in three different ways; cheque, BACS, or our faster payment method. With the faster payment, there is a surcharge of £5 for this service, but you will receive your payment for the scrap metal Wiltshire on the same day. Due to the regulations set out in December 2012, we are not legally allowed to pay you cash for your scrap, and all drops must be accompanied by photographic identification, such as your driver’s licence (passports are accepted with proof of address like a bank statement or utility bill).

    Why Choose Us For Scrap Metal Wiltshire?

    Here at Reliance Scrap Metal, we have been providing the finest recycling and waste disposal services for over 60 years. In that time, we have gone from strength to strength as a purely family-run company.

    While our collection services are not available for households, if you are a part of a commercial entity, whether it is small or large, we can provide a completely personalised collection, segregation, and disposal service for your scrap metal in Wiltshire. As with our domestic services, you will receive the best and most up to date for your scrap.

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    If you are interested in our services and you would like to know more, call our friendly and knowledgeable team at Reliance Scrap Metal today on 01202 673 539 for more information or to arrange a pickup. If you are unsure whether your scrap will be accepted, speak to a member of the team and we will happily give you all of the information you need. Would you prefer to contact us in writing? Please fill in the online form on our website and we will endeavour to reply quickly and comprehensively.