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Are you searching for commercial metal recycling Southampton facilities? Look no further than Reliance Scrap Metal who are the first choice across the city. Under the name of Walter Shaw and Son, we have been in continuous operation since 1925. The growth of metal recycling can be a huge winner for businesses like yours, and we are more than happy to help you get rid of all unwanted waste.

The best Southampton metal recycling


Finding a company to recycle metal on your behalf can be a difficult task let alone one that supplies metal recycling Southampton skips of all sizes. At Reliance Scrap Metal, we are proud to offer a complete service for our customers. We only provide services to those working within the trade, and do not supply to private households.


There are no charges for our service which involves delivery and collection for the trade. We have a large fleet of vehicles to meet the needs of our customers. This includes roll-on lorries, roll-off lorries, articulated lorries to skip lorries. We pay competitive prices on all scrap metals with payment available by self billing and cheque for our metal recycling in Southampton customers


We provide a complete service to meet all of your Southampton metal recycling needs. It does not matter where you are located, our team will do their best to come to your property in a quick and timely manner. If you want advice, or solutions to any of your scrap metal or metal by-product issues, we are the company to contact. No request is too big or small for our wonderful team who will be more than happy to help you.


The demand for metals has grown exponentially over the last several years. This has been due to a marketplace shortage across the world which has made metal recycling Southampton a lucrative business. The shortage means that there are great prices being offered for both copper and aluminium. Get in touch with our team now on 01202 673539.

Benefits of commercial metal recycling in Southampton


If you haven’t thought about metal recycling Southampton, it is time to give it a thought today. We have written up the many benefits that commercial recycling of waste with Reliance Scrap Metal provides you such as:


  • Metal Recycling SouthamptonReduce your impact on the environment
  • Make money on waste
  • Save yourself the stress of finding the right channels
  • Help supply a market starved of good quality materials

Who are we?


At Reliance Scrap Metal, we offer a complete service for your Southampton metal recycling needs which starts from recovery, segregation to the procession of raw materials. We are one of the biggest suppliers of skips for scrap metal across the city. We provide bins, stillages to drums which will enable safe and careful storage of scrap metal from industrial sites to plastic boxes designed for dead batteries.


We offer a broad range of services from recovery, segregation and processing of all scrap metals to providing skips of all sizes. In addition, the Company supplies stillages, bins and drums for the efficient storage of and collection of scrap metal from industrial sites over a wide area as well as plastic boxes for the safe storage and transport of discarded batteries.


If you want any advice in disposing of metal products, do not hesitate to call our metal recycling in Southampton team. We will weigh all scrap metal and then value it on current market rates. We offer some of the best prices for both aluminium and copper materials. This is made possible with the help of our expert computer system which prices in accordance to trends and our buying rates.


We offer one of the most friendliest services across the whole of the South Coast. If you have any queries about our metal recycling in Southampton service, you will find that our team will go that extra mile to ensure that your needs are supplied. Please note that we do not accept cars or any vehicles for scrap purposes. For more details on what we do accept, our team are only one phone call away.

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Call Reliance Scrap Metal now on 01202 673539 for the best metal recycling Southampton has to offer. You will not regret your decision.