Household Scrap Metal Eastleigh

Have you recently completed a construction project on your home? Scrap metal can sometimes build up after a renovation, leaving your home feeling like a building site, even once all the work is done. The best solution is to call upon the team at Reliance Scrap Metal, and make use of our excellent recycling service for household scrap metal. Eastleigh homeowners can benefit from our efficient collection service, which can accept almost all kinds of unwanted household metal waste. To find out more about our range of services for recycling scrap metal, call us today on 01202 6673539.

Recycling Services for Household Scrap Metal Eastleigh Residents Can Rely On

When trying to responsibly recycle household scrap metal, Eastleigh homeowners should look no further than the team at Reliance Scrap Metal. If you have recently upgraded your home and its contents, or if you simply have a large backlog of metal waste, it’s likely that your property is looking cluttered.

However, you will be happy to hear that for our team based in Eastleigh, household scrap metal is no problem at all. Better still, we can offer our household recycling services at highly competitive rates to suit every individual’s specific needs.

Once they have accumulated a sufficient amount of household scrap metal, Eastleigh residents can rely upon our team to collect this from them. We will then take the scrap to our facilities to be weighed and valued. We use a state of the art computer system that tracks market trends in real-time, meaning that we can calculate the best price for all scrap metal. You will then be offered the very best prices around.

What Scrap Metal Can We Take?

We will accept a wide variety of unwanted items or household scrap metal in Eastleigh such as:

  • Pipes
  • Taps
  • Radiators
  • Boilers
  • Washing Machines

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    Many homeowners do not know that there could be value in their household scrap metal. Eastleigh residents might even be sitting on a small fortune with no idea of the best ways to unload it.

    Aluminium is one particular metal that is highly sought after by scrap metal companies because it is highly durable and malleable, but also incredibly strong. It is also commonly found in drink cans, which are produced in the UK in their billions every year. The landfill waste that this could potentially produce can be easily reduced, because every single can that is made out of aluminium can be recycled.

    At Reliance Scrap Metal, we are members of the Aluminium Federation and are also accredited by the Bureau of International Recycling. This means that we can provide a complete recycling service for household scrap metal. Eastleigh customers can therefore rest assured that we will offer both unbeatable prices and a service that helps to protect the environment.

    We Can Take Care of All Your Household Scrap Metal in Eastleigh

    Our team at Reliance Scrap Metal prides itself on its top notch, efficient service and our unparalleled competitive rates. We have been operating since 1925, providing collection, recycling, and skip hire services that are reliable and professional.

    We specialise in all forms of metal recycling, and can purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous household scrap metal in Eastleigh. Customers can rely upon our vast experience and trust in our commitment to provide a friendly, polite, and positive experience for our clients from beginning to end. Furthermore, we offer a service that is environmentally friendly and can assist you in lowering your carbon footprint.

    Household Scrap Metal Recycling Eastleigh

    Our independent, family-run team truly believes that we can provide a single, multi-level service that includes collection, segregation, and disposal of scrap metal.  We feel that we’re the only company you need to choose for Eastleigh household scrap metal. We’ll even schedule calls with our customers at times that are convenient for them.

    Simply go to our website and request a call back, and one of our helpful team will be in touch. No request is too big for us to handle here at Reliance Scrap Metal. So long as your household scrap metal, Eastleigh customers, weighs over 1kg, we can collect it and pay you the best rate possible – it really is that simple!


    Contact Us Today For All Your Eastleigh Household Scrap Metal Disposal Needs

    To find out more about recycling your scrap metal, you are welcome to give our team a call. Simply let us know what scrap you have that needs to be offloaded and we will inform you about the items we can accept. While we’re more than happy for you to bring us your household scrap metal, Eastleigh customers can also contact us first to discuss collection. To do this, call our team today on 01202 6673539.