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Are you accumulating a pile of scrap metal on your property and you would like an efficient and affordable way of getting rid of it? If this applies to you, then you need to call Reliance Scrap Metal today on 01202 673 539 for the best ferrous metal recycling Dorset has to offer. Our competitive rates and exceptional customer service means that we are the number one choice.

Superior Dorset Ferrous Metal Recycling

When it comes to ferrous metal recycling in Dorset, Reliance Scrap Metal is the go-to service provider. Our processes and value for money put us at the forefront of the industry and we have been supplying ferrous metal recycling Dorset services for over 60 years – we have unbeatable experience and knowledge to offer you through our range of services including Dorset ferrous metal recycling.


Ferrous Metals

If you are unsure whether the metal product you have is a ferrous material, you can test it with a magnet. This will usually indicate the presence of iron or alloy thereof within the metal product. We don’t just accept pure metals or metal products, we also take metal by-products. This is thanks to our ferrous metal recycling Dorset system being able to reuse the metal inside the by-product by way of separation.

A ferrous metal means that it contains iron, hence why the magnet is a good way to check the metal. Anything containing a suitable amount of iron, nickel, or cobalt, such as steel, alnico, and other ferroalloys, will be magnetic. Our ferrous metal recycling Dorset can take any of these metal products for recycling.


Our ferrous metal recycling Dorset can also cater for the many commonly used alloys and metal that do not contain iron. Aluminium is the second most commonly used metal in the world. To produce just one kilogram of “virgin” aluminium (from bauxite) takes 227 – 342MJ of energy, whereas recycling and reusing only takes 11.4 – 17.1MJ of energy (that’s a saving of 95% energy!). The energy saved by recycling one can save enough energy to manufacture another 20 cans, as opposed to disposing and creating a new can.

Our non-ferrous and ferrous metal recycling Dorset will be able to take away your scrap metal and offer you the best price for your scrap metal. We use a state of the art computer system to keep up to date with the market values of the various metals you will dispose of using our ferrous metal recycling Dorset. This ensures you are getting the best price for your metals.

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    Why Our Dorset Ferrous Metal Recycling?

    Here at Reliance Scrap Metal, we are proud to be an independent, family-owned supplier of ferrous metal recycling in Dorset. We have garnered a sterling reputation for our services, and a lot of our work comes from clients that have heard about us through friends or family.

    “We’ve used Reliance Scrap Metal as our primary scrap metal recycler for many years, they have always offered us competitive prices and a very high level of service. We look forward to continuing to work with them for the foreseeable future.”Stuart Mariner, Commercial Client

    Our customer-focused approach means we offer a flexible and courteous service to all of our clients, and we constantly strive to exceed all of your expectations.

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