Scrap Metal Merchants in Warminster

Are you searching for honest, competitively priced scrap metal merchants in Warminster? If so, call Reliance Scrap Metal today on 01202 673539 as we provide competitively priced metal recycling and offer the best rates around for your scrap metal. For more information, get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

Scrap Metal Merchants Warminster Can Rely On

Perhaps you’ve just completed a renovation of your home or maybe you’re looking to sling out your existing appliances and invest in all new ones. Whatever the reason, if you’ve found yourself inundated with unwanted scrap metal, call our scrap metal merchants in Warminster today. We provide an excellent recycling service and we pay the best rates around for discarded household scrap metal.

To use the service of our Warminster scrap metal merchants, you must be looking to offload at least 1kg of scrap metal. Please note that while we accept most household scrap, we do not accept fridge freezers. While we’re unable to provide skip hire or collection to domestic customers, we’re more than happy for you to bring your unwanted scrap to us.

But that’s not the best part as we’ll even pay you for your scrap metal. That’s right, that pile of junk out the back that you’ve likely been ignoring for some time could potentially net you a tidy profit. Thanks to our computerised systems, we’re able to actively track the current market rates in real time. Our scrap metal merchants in Warminster will always provide you with the going rate for your scrap.

As the most accommodating scrap metal merchants Warminster has to offer, we’re happy to take the following and more:


  • Radiators
  • Washing Machines
  • Boilers
  • Copper Tanks
  • Dishwashers
  • Pipes
  • Taps

Collection Service

Available to trade customers only; if your business generates a substantial amount of scrap metal waste, call our scrap metal merchants in Warminster. We’ll deliver a skip to your site and retrieve it once full. For clearances that do not exceed one tonne, our clearances are completely free of charge.

As with household scrap metal, the collected scrap will be weighed, and you will be paid the going rate based on current market values. Customers can choose to receive payment via cheque. There is even the option for self-billing if requested by the customer. Our collection service really is the most efficient way to keep your site clear of unwanted scrap metal.

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    Metal Recycling

    Here at Reliance Scrap Metal, we specialise in recycling a wide range of materials. Whether you bring to us ferrous or non-ferrous materials, you can count on our Warminster scrap metal merchants to provide recovery, segregation and processing. All scrap is processed in our extensive facility in line with all current regulations.

    In addition to scrap items, we’re also happy to accept metal by-products too. We pay excellent rates for all manner of metals including copper, aluminium, brass, steel and iron. For more information about our metal recycling service, call us today on 01202 673539.

    Scrap Metal Merchants in Warminster

    Why Choose Our Scrap Metal Merchants in Warminster?

    If you’ve accumulated a large quantity of scrap metal which you’re looking to offload, call Reliance Scrap Metal – scrap metal merchants Warminster residents can trust. A family-run company with many decades worth of experience, we’ve been providing exceptional services to our clients for many years.

    The key to our success lies with our incredibly talented team. From the skilled individuals who coordinate our services and liaise with our customers to the people responsible for collecting and recycling all scrap; you won’t find a finer team anywhere else. Our scrap metal merchants in Warminster are committed to providing our customers with the most outstanding service possible.

    What’s more, is that our team is environmentally conscious. Our Warminster scrap metal merchants operate responsibly, and our service is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.


    For more information about our services, call our scrap metal merchants in Warminster today on 01202 673539.