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Do you have an abundance of scrap metal and are looking for a way to offload it? If you are, look no further than Reliance Scrap Metal for the most reliable collection of scrap metal Dorset offers. We have been providing this service for many years and will know exactly how to handle your request. For further information, please give us a call today on 01202 673539.

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When you own a company that generates a large amount of scrap metal on a daily basis, it can be frustrating knowing how to store and offload it. This is where Reliance Scrap Metal can help with our comprehensive scrap metal collection in Dorset. We are traders in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and can provide services including:

Metal Recycling

If you have an every growing pile of scrap metal and you’re looking for an advantageous way to offload it, look no further. We provide the most affordable metal recycling service, providing you with the most competitive rates on the market. For an easy and reliable way to get rid of scrap metal, Dorset can rely on our large fleet of skips and roll-on roll-off articulated lorries.

As well as skips, we can supply you with stillages, bins, and drums here at Reliance Scrap Metal. By supplying these, you will always have a convenient place to store and transport all your scrap metal.

Once you have accumulated a sufficient amount, our team will arrange a time to visit your premises in Dorset. Scrap metal will be collected and returned to our facilities, where we will weigh and value the metal. With the aid of our computer system, we can track current market trends in order to provide you with the best prices around.

We provide a complete recovery, segregation, and processing service and are able to recycle a wide range of different metal. From copper and lead to brass, steel, iron, and more, we can take it all off your hands.

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    Aluminium Can Recycling

    You may be surprised to learn that you can recycle your old aluminium cans for money, and we can help with that. As a material, it features many excellent qualities that make it highly sought after, such as its incredible durability and strength.

    In the UK alone, around 9 ½ billion aluminium drink cans are produced every single year, and this results in a lot of wastage. By partaking in aluminium can recycling, you are reducing the amount of cans being dumped at landfill sites, thereby helping to protect the environment.

    Once we have collected, weighed, and valued your aluminium can scrap metal, Dorset clients will be provided with an accurate valuation. We are currently able to offer you the very best prices for aluminium scrap metal, so reach out to us today.

    Scrap Metal Dorset

    Household Scrap Metal

    Have you decided to upgrade the appliances in your home? If you are now looking for the best option to offload and recycle your household scrap metal, look no further than Reliance Scrap Metal. While our scrap metal collection in Dorset isn’t available for domestic clients, you can bring your scrap to us.

    We accept most household scrap metal, so simply give us a call and let us know what it is you are offloading, and we will tell you whether or not we can take it. From radiators and washing machines to boilers, copper tanks, dishwasher, and much more, it is more than likely that we can take your scrap metal off your hands.

    Come to Us to Receive the Best Prices for Scrap Metal Dorset Offers

    Welcome to Reliance Scrap Metal, the most reliable and professional company offering scrap metal collection in Dorset. We are an independent, family run business and have been providing our extensive range of services for more than 60 years. This gives us the experience and skill to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them every single time.

    When you choose our team to recycle your scrap metal, Dorset can rest assured knowing they are choosing a team that is environmentally responsible. This is a fantastic way to not only lower your carbon footprint, but to also receive a competitive price for the metal.

    At Reliance Scrap Metal, we are able to keep track of ever-changing market trends thanks to the use of our in-house state of the art computerised systems. This means that we can always offer you the best prices around, with rates that accurately reflect the market value. In Dorset, scrap metal has never been easier to offload.

    Plus, with facilities in both Poole and Weymouth, we are more than capable of handling the demand across the whole of Dorset. Our ability to handle every clients request has led to us gaining a loyal client base who return to us time and again. We are known for the best collection services regarding scrap metal Dorset offer, so reach out to our team today.

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    For further information regarding scrap metal, Dorset can contact us today on 01202 673539. Alternatively, you can also email [email protected] or fill out our online form and we will respond as soon as possible.